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What We Do

We are specialists in 3, 4 & 5 Axis CNC Machining, Wire & Sinker EDM, turning and jig grinding to produce tight tolerance, high precision tooling.

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Our Specialties

Future Products is a tooling manufacturer. Our facilities are comprised of cutting edge technology which allows us to focus our efforts on producing superior tooling complete with the highest level of quality and on-time delivery. Tool & die shops and metal stamping production facilities have relied on us for over half a century for precision tooling. We’re proud to have the best tool makers in the business.

Special Die Tooling

Future Products specializes in precision interchangeable die details manufactured to the exact finished dimensions and the ability to hold tolerances within +/- .0001.

Precision CNC Machining

We have 60 years of precision, supplementing tool rooms in a variety of industries.  From automotive metal stamping, powdered metal, thermoforming, fin/louvre dies for HVAC, canning, medical and aerospace, Future Products has been the go-to for precision tooling.

Tool and Die Components

With extensive experience servicing the tool & die industry, Future Products is unmatched at building details for progressive dies, transfer dies and fine blank dies for metal stamping production facilities.

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Future Products is the national leader in metal stamping tooling, special die tooling, and precision CNC machining. We are confident our tooling capabilities can handle any level of complexity or scale.
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Tooling Product Gallery

Take a closer look at some of our latest finished precision die tooling and metal stamping products.